The 5 doughs of BT Milan

Pastes for all tastes and wellbeing needs

A restaurant and pizzeria in the Lorenteggio area, it is divided into two floors with a large terrace that can also be used in winter as a third room. It seats about 340 people and is suitable for every need, from large groups of friends to families and couples. BT Milano, in a convivial setting, exudes an atmosphere of home and a feeling of well-being. It offers an extensive menu of traditional Italian dishes based on meat grilled, fish and a wide choice of pizzas, varied in the toppings and type of dough used.

The peculiarity of BT Milano lies in the original special doughs it uses, all obtained by long leavening: there are five of them, each with its own unique properties and characteristics.

Red Ginseng is used mainly for its beneficial effects on the body: it boosts the immune system, invigorates the heart, relieves fatigue, speeds up the metabolism and is able to help solve certain stress-related sexual problems, as well as having aphrodisiac properties.

A very special dough is the charcoal dough known as 'black dough' because of its colouring: it is a therapeutic dough that is good for the intestine: the charcoal traps fermentation gases that develop during digestion in the dough, limiting bloating. Among doughs BT Milano also offers dough made from kamut semolina, an ancient variety of durum wheat rich in micronutrients.

The soya dough makes for a light, fragrant and highly digestible pizza: it is made from a selection of soft wheat, toasted soya and remilled durum wheat semolina. Finally, the cereal dough is made from a mix of several types of cereals, including oat flour, wholemeal rye flour, soft wheat barley flour and '00' type flour.