The pizza of Beato Te Milano and its doughs

The pizza of Beato Te Milano and its mixtures | VIA I Gastronauti, a journey into the kitchen - thanks a lot to all of you guys and come back again

Where: BT Milano, Via Sant'Anatolone 16, 20147 Milan

Who: Sara & Mum

What: Pizza

Why: we wanted to try the special doughs they offer

Hello Gastronauti, today we take you to a pizzeria! Pizza is discovering a moment of glory in Milan, an interesting panorama is beginning to emerge and in between we have also discovered Beato Te Milano. This restaurant offers both Mediterranean cuisine and pizza and has chosen to focus heavily on the latter. Here it is not regarded as the second-class alternative, as is often the case in similar establishments, and the trump card is precisely the dough used for the pizza.

When we arrived at the menu, we were shown all the particular doughs they offer that are paired with a specific pizza that goes well with the chosen ingredients. Alternatively, there are all the classic flavours that can be combined with the doughs on offer. The doughs are hemp sanativa, vegetal charcoal, kamut semolina, soya, cereals, quinoa, gluten-free (baked in a separate oven as it should be) ... what can I say, there are really many of them and each one has its own section on the menu with its properties and characteristics.

We chose to order two pizzas to match the proposed dough. I chose 'Eat-aly', a tasty pizza with tomato, buffalo bites, Cetara anchovies, basil leaf and basil perlage (molecular basil). The combination was with kamut semolina dough. The taste was excellent, the ingredients were top-notch: the anchovies tasty, the buffalo extraordinary and the beaded basil gave a very welcome note of freshness to the palate.

Beato Te's pizza and his doughs | VIA I Gastronauti, a culinary journey

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