Beato Te Milano sponsors IC Copernico Parents' Committee project

Children are our future, we at Beato Te Milano have decided to fully finance the project of the Parents' Committee IC Copernico for all primary school children in Corsico.
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The Corsico Parents' Committees present a special fable, written by a parent and winner of a competition organised by the Catholic University of Milan, to reflect on the conscious use of the web and the Internet. A copy of the fable, illustrated by the Corsico children, will be donated to the boys and girls of all Corsico primary schools, offered by the CC. GG. for Libriamoci 2017.

by Melania Iacona - I. C. S. 'N. Copernico' - Primary School (Corsico - MI)

How did this fable come about? Mr Modem and the Magic Box won the Special Parents' Prize for the 'Virtùalmente - Concorso Amici Università Cattolica (Milan)' competition, school year 2014/15.

"How do I explain the Internet to my daughter?this is the question I asked myself after having those 'friendly chats' with middle school children on the conscious use of the Internet. Angelica was 8 years old and it would have been complicated to explain to her what the Internet is and how it can be used consciously. Well, a child of that age usually likes stories told, so, as I have often done for her, I wrote a fairy tale' (Stefano Andrello, CG Buonarroti).

Libriamoci 2017: a tribute from Corsican parents

The Copernico Parents' Committee, Buonarroti Parents' Committee, Galilei Parents' Assembly and Coordinamento Genitori Democratici Corsico (Corsico, MI), offer this fable to all the boys and girls of Corsico (MI) primary schools, on the occasion of "Libriamoci 2017. Giornate di lettura nelle scuole", the initiative promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT), through the Centre for Books and Reading, and by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and the Direzione Generale per lo Studente.

An inclusive fairy tale

THE CC. GG. from Corsica chose to layout the fable with the EasyReading font, a typeface that overcomes reading barriers even for dyslexic people. EasyReading was realised with a Design for All design methodology approach for which diversity is conceived not as a problem but as a facilitating value.


The illustrations are the work of children from Corsico (MI) schools: Giada Gabbrielli (cover), Angelica Andrello (p. 2), Francesco Cavallo (p. 4), Aurora Picaro (p. 8), Lorenzo Pepe (p. 10), Federico Pini (p. 12), Ilaria Villa (p. 14).

Project partners: Pizzeria BT Milan.


Mr Modem and the Magic Box


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