Beato Te Milano and Diario Unico 2018/2019 for C.G.Copernico

It's been six years and it's getting better and better! The new 2018/2019 Single Diary has arrived! A project organised, for the sixth year running, entirely by the Copernicus Parents' Committee and supported by sponsors of activities in the area, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts: Pavese Pedagogical Studio, Gespan Your festive friend, Prix Italian Qualitysupermarket, Judges Store, Blessed You Milan pizzeria, Kyron insurance, Le Monelle, 301 Dance CompanyASD Acli Corsico football club, Me-Den dental clinic, Bar piadineria Algarve, and Pic Nic sandwich shop. A copy will also be given to all sponsors.
The colourful Diary is also designed for DSA and its first 32 pages have been entirely personalised by CG Copernico with content shared with the school: this year you will also find the disciplinary regulations and many other utilities. We would like to remind all parents to sign it in the spaces provided on the first page.
The cover we chose was made by Keith, Daria, Emily, Sofia, Valentino and Valentina from 3C 2017/2018 Copernicus Primary. Thank you - it's a beautiful tree-themed journey!
The Diary will be distributed by the parents of the CG on the first day of school to all boys and girls from second to fifth grade in the Copernico and Curiel primary schools and the Mascherpa school (the first years of primary school use a notebook which they will receive on the first days of school). Teachers will be able to collect a copy from the secretary's office. Happy New Year to everyone!


Unique Diary 2018-2019


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