Salmon Burger

The history of the hamburger began many years ago, at the end of the 19th century, often prepared with poor or not particularly refined ingredients. In recent years, there has been a sharp turnaround, people's tastes have changed and the search for quality products has become a necessity, which is why Beato Te Milano has decided to focus on gourmet food, dedicating a page of its menu to these delicacies.

But what makes a burger gourmet?
Obviously the raw materials, which must always be of high quality. The bread, for example, must make a burger firm, warm and easy to eat.
The difference is in the combinations. Just to name a few of the most typical and sought-after combinations in BT Milano gourmet cuisine, we can find:

The sandwich that 'winks' at you when you look at it, The wink, this gourmet burger consists of: 180g pork, crispy bacon, fried aubergine medallion, fried egg, mayonnaise, salad and 300g burrata di Andria. You can practically eat it with your eyes.

or for the more voracious and daring we have the Bombbecause you have to be a real kamikaze to finish it, pasta frittata alla carbonara, poached pork with speck from Alto Adige, Chedar and Bufala Campana D.O.P..

For the most refined palates, we have dedicated the Tartare Burger, 200 g Italian-style beef tartare on a bread base with Apulian burrata stracciatella cheese, delicate mustard and wheat flakes.

And then there's the burger that takes you back to your roots the Campanian, a delicious sausage and friarielli burger on a base of fried bread, mayonnaise and smoked burrata; after trying it, only Neapolitan-style exclamations such as 'Uaaa' are accepted.

For fish lovers we have created the Salmon Burger: Smoked salmon on a cuttlefish ink bread base, guacamole sauce, Bronte Pistachio D.O.P. granules and burrata di Andria 300g.

For customers who want to feel Puglia even in Milan, we have created the Parmigiana Burger: Aubergine parmigiana on a fried bread base, beef meatballs and Grana Padano cheese flakes.

All our gourmet burgers have to be accompanied by homemade chips.


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