Welcome autumn,

When you think about it, it seems like only yesterday that we were walking around in tank tops and shorts, with sweaty foreheads and glasses to shield us from the blindingly hot sun.

But now, at 6 p.m., it is already dark and our bodies are shivering with cold.

But on the other hand, there are also the colourful leaves that fall from the trees and stick to the concrete of the driveway, making it a carpet.

The cold that is never too much compared to winter, but not too little compared to summer.

Adults, teenagers and children dressed up as monstrous and imaginative creatures decorate their homes with carved pumpkins on Halloween night.

So that's autumn!

Getting back to pumpkin, what could be better than a gourmet pizza made with pumpkin cream?

We at Beato Te have thought of everything, and here is our Full Optional...

A gourmet pizza with charcoal dough, pumpkin cream, fresh porcini mushrooms, crispy bacon, burrata cheese with truffles and truffle perlage.

A mix of ingredients that will leave your palate speechless!

We are waiting for you at Beato Te, in via Sant' Anatalone 16 (Milan) to get to know new flavours that autumn and its fruits bring us.

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