And then there's that morning when we find ourselves immersed in an explosion of scents and colours... the flowers bloom, the fine weather takes over and suddenly the mood changes and we're all happier! A dream?? but no... spring has arrived! There are those who start their days by going for a run in the park, those who, between a meeting and a call, look out of the window, pampering themselves with the sun's rays, and those who regret the cold of winter (yes, we all have that kind of friend in our company).

In short, suddenly we rediscover the pleasures of the warm (but not too much) and long sunny days a bit as if we too were coming out of hibernation, each with his own habits and traditions, I think the one that unites us most of all in spring is the meeting with friends to eat out ... maybe during the week because if in winter prevails the weekend as soon as the days get longer we love to go out 7/7! I can already imagine: Monday, a super full and productive day, 7 p.m. arrives, the sun is still shining and it's 18/19 degrees... do you want to go home? but nooo! join your friends and off you go, Monday turns into a pleasant evening of Taste, and here we at Beato Te Milano are the 'masters':

Giant Schnitzels, Classic and Gourmet Pizzas, Traditional Cuisine such as our Gnocco fritto accompanied by cold meats and cheeses or Saffron Yellow Risotto with Ossobuco, Hamburgers and sweets made by our Master Pastry Chef... all also available Gluten-free! In short, at our place you will find a menu full of delicacies, tradition and why not... a little innovation! 👉🏻 (Discover our menu)

And for evenings in company?? no problem... we have three large rooms (more than 1200 square metres) in which we can set up large tables! 

Besides, you know... good cooking improves the mood! 

WHAT ASPETTI👉🏻Book your table! ❤️




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